Providing safety-first demolition services for projects of all sizes in Essex and Suffolk.

Clear your site with confidence

For more than 35 years, GMP Projects has been helping clients create high performance structures that are built to last. However, what goes up must come down – and in many cases, the safe, efficient demolition of old or surplus buildings is just as important as the works that follow.

Whether you instruct us to carry out soft strip works to support refurbishments or further demolition, or you need us to bring down taller structures with the support of specialist machinery, our experienced demolition contractors in Essex and Suffolk will handle all your site clearance requirements with ease.

Our friendly team will also ensure any rubbish or waste is cleared quickly in line with all relevant safety standards, leaving you free to progress with your project.

Our demolition services cover:

  • Top-down demolition
  • High reach demolition
  • Façade and structure retention
  • Remediation & environmental works
  • Soft strip services
  • Advice at pre-tender stage
  • Full risk assessments
  • Skip hire
  • Waste disposal

Managing waste disposal on your behalf

As a company, we are registered waste carriers and hold an upper tier waste license, so you can be sure that all materials will be disposed of correctly via the appropriate channels.

In line with our environmental policy, we will seek to recycle and reuse waste materials wherever we can.

Our hard work in action

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